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Pathfinder Kingmaker [v 1.0.4 + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX

Pathfinder Kingmaker  [v 1.0.4   + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX
Pathfinder Kingmaker [v 1.0.4 + DLCs] (2018) |RePack by SpaceX |Size:16.74 GB
Year : 2018
Genre : RPG , Adventure , Isometrics
Developer : Owlcat Games
Publisher : Deep Silver
Platform : PC
Publication Type : Repack
Language : English, MULTi
Language : English
Medicine : CODEX

Pathfinder Kingmaker [v 1.0.4 + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX

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Owlcat Games are proud to present the first isometric computer role-playing game, which takes place in the so much loved by the players of the universe of the desktop game Pathfinder. It was created with the support of 18,000 users of Kickstarter and with the participation of narrative designer Chris Avellon and composer Ainon Zur. In Pathfinder: Kingmaker you have to play for a brave adventurer, whose goal is to survive in a world full of magic and evil! Choose the role of a brave warrior, who slays the heads of enemies with an enchanted sword, a powerful wizard in whose blood the magical blood of demons, a wise priest, a worshiper of magnanimous or evil gods, a cunning thief dexterously traversing even the most insidious traps, and countless other heroes flow. The only thing that limits you is your imagination!

Update v1.0.4-hf2

Below you can find the CHANGELOG:


- No pre-order/Kickstarter rewards for the saves started before Hotfix 1.0.2. Resolution: rewards are available in the chest at Throne Room or Oleg's Trading Post.
- Metamagic Rods are properly highlighted when activated and deactivated immediately on click (instead of waiting until the end of the round).


- Jubilost's companion quest does not work correctly (character is teleported to the tavern at the wrong time). Resolution: fixed.
- The dialogue could be broken at Inconsequent Debates area under certain conditions. Resolution: fixed.
- Quest unit is absent at the location during the second Harrim companion quest. Resolution: fixed.
- Poachers didn't start the conversation at the Poachers' Hideout. Resolution: fixed.


- Jaethal`s death at the later chapters may cause the game over. Resolution: fixed.
- Amiri doesn't appear at the end of Flintlock Grassland. Resolution: fixed.
- Amiri doesn't return after Flintlock Grassland. Resolution: fixed.
- Captured companion may stay prone visually after the combat starts at Technic League Encampment. Resolution: fixed.
- Companion captured at Technic League Encampment may be invisible for several seconds after areas loading. Resolution: fixed.
- Unable to talk to guard captain Hyland (Runaway Throne quest). Resolution: fixed
- Some lootable corpses may look unnatural. Resolution: fixed.
- Lighting setup issues at Sepulcher of Forgotten Heroes. Resolution: fixed.
- Some players were able to acquire unlimited amount of gold in the Storyteller's dialogue. Resolution: fixed.


- Necklace of Double Crosses doesn't add damage bonus to melee attacks. Resolution: fixed.


- Camera movement keys remapping doesn't works. Resolution: fixed (the rare bug when the camera starts moving on its own should be fixed too).
- No way to check the animal companions stats. Resolution: animal companions sheet is now available by selecting the creature an pressing "C" (default binding).
- An item may be incorrectly added to the sell list while clicking on mass-trading options at Vendor UI. Resolution: fixed.
- Mass-trading options doesn't work correctly at Vendor UI - only visible items are added to sell list. Resolution: fixed.
- The weight value may appear incorrect in sell list at Vendor UI. Resolution: fixed.
- Hit points on the party portraits may not be updated under certain conditions. Resolution: fixed.
- The issue with adjusting the party formation direction while moving the mouse with right button pressed. Resolution: fixed.


- Several kingdom events in Troll Trouble and Season of Bloom chapters deal damage to kingdom stats less often.
- Region claiming visualization is adjusted.


- Scaled Fists receives their Draconic Fury ability at 4th level despite the deion stating that they should have received it at 3rd. Resolution: Scaled Fist now receives Draconic Fury at 3rd level. Any Scaled Fist of already 3rd level will receive the Draconic Fury ability immediately upon loading the game.
- Dueling Mastery requires Dodge instead of Weapon Finesse and did not give proper Shield Bonus to AC and initiative bonus. Resolution: fixed.
- Back to Back feat does not work. Resolution: fixed.
- Sword Saint Magus bonus to AC from Canny Defense does not recalculate when Intelligence were changing (recalculates only on level ups). Resolution: fixed.
- Clerics used to have two copies of Raise Dead on 5th level of their spells, one of those copies without a name. Resolution: unnamed copy of Raise Dead was removed from clerics spell list.
- Armored Swiftness applies extra +5 speed on each reload. Resolution: fixed.
- Guidance works more than once for skillchecks. Resolution: fixed.


- Aasimars don't get Celestial Resistance bonus. Resolution: fixed.
- Disintegrated units are invisible after a resurrection. Resolution: fixed.
- Use Magic Device DC for scrolls is 20 plus scroll's caster level. We considered it too high, especially since some scrolls like Remove Blindness have higher caster levels intentionally. Resolution: DC is changed to 20 plus scroll's spell level.
- Jaethal's camping ability 'Undead Guardians' produces more than two skeletons. Resolution: fixed.
- New pack of localization fixes for FR, DE, ZH.


- There is an issue with changing Language and Graphic settings on some systems. Resolution: fixed.
- Character doll appearance and some other visual elements spontaneously reset to default state. Resolution: fixed.
- The graphic options resets to defaults every time the game starts. Resolution: fixed.

System Requirements:
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64-bit or newer
Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5770 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
Storage: 30 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card


Pathfinder Kingmaker  [v 1.0.4   + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX
Pathfinder Kingmaker  [v 1.0.4   + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX
Pathfinder Kingmaker  [v 1.0.4   + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX

Pathfinder Kingmaker  [v 1.0.4   + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX

Pathfinder Kingmaker [v 1.0.4 + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX

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