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BBEdit 11.6.1

BBEdit 11.6.1 | MacOSX | 14 MB

BBEdit is the leading professional HTML and text editor for the Mac. Specifically crafted in response to the needs of Web authors and software developers, this award-winning product provides a plethora of features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text. BBEdit transforms text with high performance.

BBEdit 11.6.1

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An intelligent interface provides easy access to BBEdits best of class features including grep pattern matching, search and replace across multiple files, function navigation and syntax coloring for numerous source code languages, FTP and SFTP open and save, AppleScript, Perl, and OS X Unix scripting support, glossary support, and a complete set of HTML tools.

Whats New in Version 11.6.1:
The “Options panel in the Multi-File Search window now provides control over whether to search Git ignored files or not.
The file filter popup menu for disk browsers and project windows (available under the magnifying glass icon) now has a command: “Git Ignored Files. This command controls whether git-check-ignore is applied when filtering files for inclusion in the sidebar. Its off by default, so any item which is excluded by a .gitignore file will be hidden.
The “Open File by Name window gets a control to include Git ignored files in the results. (This has no effect when using an URL or entering a full file path.)
On the “Text Display submenu of the View menu, there are three new commands: “Zoom In, “Zoom Out, and “Actual Size. Use these to change the magnification of the text in editing views. For convenience you can assign keyboard equivalents to these commands in the “Menus & Shortcuts preferences.
The Find Differences command now offers an option to include Git ignored files when comparing folders.

The “List Display Font setting in the Appearance preferences has been replaced with a slider to set the font size. Lists in the application all use the system font. Most will use the specified size, except in specific cases where circumstance requires the use of a fixed font size.
Added Command-K and Command-R as keyboard equivalents for “Check Syntax and “Run, respectively. (These were chosen for compatibility with THINK C.)
Differences that have been applied are now crossed out in the Differences window list, in order to avoid janky font italicizing effects on some OS versions.
When using “Check Syntax or “Run on an unsaved or untitled document, the application will now write out a temporary copy of the document. In the case of untitled documents, the temporary copy will be in the system-designated temporary items location, which is arbitrary but generally not anywhere near $HOME.

Fixed a case in which changes made by a documentDidSave attachment script would trigger a subsequent warning about the document having unsaved changes.
Made changes to improve performance when bringing up the Open File by Name window with very large Git projects.
Fixed a pair of bugs that conspired to prevent scratchpad documents (the Scratchpad and Unix Worksheet) from correctly remembering and restoring their state across open/close cycles.
Fixed bug in which files opened via the ODB external editor interface (e.g. from other file transfer clients) would show the path to the temporary file rather than the display path provided by the client.
Fixed Perforce configuration file discovery so that config files (as specified in the P4CONFIG environment variable) whose names are something other than .p4config will work correctly.
Fixed a crash which would occur when changing a language-specific color scheme setting to “Application Defaults.
If a folder that you chose for a disk browser, instaproject (by dragging it on to the application), multi-file search, or Find Differences is itself ignored by a .gitignore file, the application ignores (see what I did there) that fact, and will operate on its contents as usual.
The “BBEdit Light and “BBEdit Classic color schemes no longer include explicit highlight colors, thus allowing the system highlight color selection to apply.
Fixed crash which would occur when completing a Markup Builder panel operation with some attributes set to empty values.
Fixed bug in which the color used for highlighting selected items in lists wouldnt always track changes to the highlight color setting in the General system preferences.
Fixed a crash which would occur on OS X 10.12 when opening the Preferences window more than once during a run of the application. (This addresses Radar 27293621.)
Fixed bug in which PHP completion was not providing detailed parameter completions.
Fixed bug in which the File Info panel would fail to appear on OS X 10.9.5.
Fixed bug in which using up-arrow and down-arrow while in the Open File by Name windows search box would change the selection in the results list, without bringing it into view.
Worked around OS behavior on 10.11 in which the search box in the Open File by Name window would lose keyboard focus and not get it back when it should have.
Fixed bug in which changing the “Document navigation setting in the Appearance preferences didnt take effect until you created a new window or restarted the application.
Fixed bug in which the file info panel for remote documents (opened via built-in FTP/SFTP or a third-party file transfer client) would show file information for the backing cache file, rather than hiding the Info and Permissions tabs as was intended.
When using “New Text Document, “New Folder, or “New HTML Document on the contextual menu in instaprojects, the save panel will new point to a more predictable directory when possible.
The “Copy Path commands on the Edit menu now behave reasonably for documents opened from remote sources via the built-in FTP/SFTP support as well as by external file-transfer clients.
Fixed a bug in which a -37 error would be reported when trying to save a new document with a name containing certain characters.
Improved the reporting of PCRE pattern errors in the “Replace All sheet used for text factory operations.
Fixed bug in which keywords matched by the “Keyword Pattern in a codeless language module were colored as comments rather than as keywords.
Fixed bug in which “Open Counterpart and the Counterparts menu didnt find eligible files in the absence of data from the Open File by Name cache.
Text generated by AppleScripts run from clippings or “Run AppleScript Filter text factory actions is now normalized to linefeeds before being applied.
If your default shell is tcsh, shell worksheets will now use bash instead, because tcsh doesnt play nice in worksheets.
Fixed bug in which filenames whose extensions ended with a decimal digit would not match a custom language mapping for that extension.
Made a change to resolve an SSL connection failure when attempting “Check for Updates on macOS Sierra betas.
Fixed a layout goof in the Keyboard preferences on pre-10.11 OS versions.
Made a change so that .editorconfig file discovery is no longer attempted for documents opened via the built-in FTP/SFTP support.
Fixed a bug in progress reporting in which the progress dialog would occasionally be blank, except for the progress bar and Cancel button.
Added additional diagnostic logging to help diagnose cases in which Unix tool execution fails unexpectedly.
TeX comments no longer interfere with Balance operations.
When using the “Check Syntax or “Run commands for a supported language, the command path in the ! line is now honored in preference to the language modules built-in command. Any specific arguments for debugging (e.g. -d for Perl) may be added as needed, and if so will be added after any arguments specified on the ! line.
Fixed a bug in which “Show Scratchpad in the application dock menu didnt bring the Scratchpad to the front in situations where the application was in the background.
Updated the list of Perl keywords, and split Perl predefined functions into a separate list so that theyre colored as predefined names, and not as language keywords.
Fixed cosmetic bug in which items in the recently used search strings popup (in the Find and Multi-File Search windows) had backslashes escaped.
Fixed bug in which the general-purpose “Unix Script Output log would be nested one folder deeper in ~/Library/Logs/BBEdit/ than it should have been.
Fixed a crash which would occur when using a property specifier as the source for a scripted multi-file search/replace/text factory operation.
Text output from Unix scripts and filters is now normalized, so that any carriage return (ASCII 13) characters are converted to the internal representation, rather than appearing as gremlins.
Fixed bug in which collapsing and then expanding the “Currently Open Documents section in a projects sidebar while the “Projects section was collapsed could result in the items in the Currently Open Documents list being unresponsive to clicks.
Fixed drawing glitch which would occur when showing or hiding the Navigation Bar.
Script execution from the “Run command now displays progress in situations where it didnt before.
When looking for installed Unix tools, the application will now enforce the restriction that any binary executables actually contain code that is runnable on the current CPU architecture. This fixes problems on systems that have obsolete PowerPC code installed in paths used by the application to find executables.
Fixed bug in which Markdown syntax coloring would become inconsistent during certain edits in text that was not part of a list or quoted block.
Fixed incorrect coloring of Markdown inline code while typing an unterminated code run at the end of a document.
Fixed a bug in which Git ignore checking for a batch of files would throw an unreported internal exception in some cases; this would lead to odd application behavior subsequently. (Typically this happened when using the Counterparts menu in the navigation bar).

OS - MacOSX 10.7 or Later
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BBEdit 11.6.1

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