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Gammadyne DJ Jukebox 21.0

Gammadyne DJ Jukebox 21.0
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DJ Jukebox is an essential tool for managing a song library and generating playlists. Each song can be assigned a rating so that favorites are played more often, and that unwanted songs are never chosen. File management features include global search and replace on filenames, copy or delete files, and rename/move directories. DJ Jukebox can also remote control a media player on a network computer. A click of the mouse can send keystrokes, playing instructions, and volume changes to the server's media player.

Gammadyne DJ Jukebox 21.0

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DJ Jukebox supports all media players, all media file types, commercials, repetition prevention, and much more! Playlist Generator. DJ Jukebox generates random lists of songs which can be delivered to a media player such as Winamp. Each song can be rated (on a scale of 0-100) to ensure that favorites are chosen more often. A rating of 0 will prevent the song from being played altogether.

File Management
• DJ Jukebox maintains a list of each song and its rating in the "Song Table". From this table, songs can be easily renamed, deleted, or rated.
• DJ Jukebox can rename or move an entire directory. The Song Table is automatically updated to reflect the new song locations.
• DJ Jukebox can also perform a text search and replace operation on the Song Table. Again, the song files are automatically renamed when a change is made.

Remote Control
• DJ Jukebox can listen for commands from another copy of DJ Jukebox located on a local area network (LAN). Programmable keystrokes can be sent to the server with the click of a button, providing complete remote control over the media player.
• The remote control feature can be used by a dedicated entertainment server. DJ Jukebox can start automatically during bootup and begin listening for remote commands. The server does not even need a monitor.

• DJ Jukebox can insert commercials in between songs. The commercials can be any type of media file that the media player supports. The average number of commercials per song can be adjusted, and individual commercials can be assigned a frequency rating that determines how often they are chosen.

Repetition Prevention
• When DJ Jukebox generates a playlist, it can make sure that songs do not get repeated too often. It can also ensure that no two consecutive songs are from the same album or artist, or have the same name.

Additional Features:
• Works with all versions of Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, and 2012.
• The song list, ratings, and other settings are stored in a "Project" file. There is no limit on the number of projects.
• All songs on the hard drive can be added to the Song Table in one simple step.
• There are two ratings columns: one for when you are alone, and one for when you have guests.
• Songs that were not recorded properly can be marked as "bad". This prevents the song from being chosen for a playlist without removing it from the Song Table.
• The Song Table can be checked for errors, such as a nonexistent file or illegal rating.
• The songs can be located on a network computer (no drive mapping is required).
• If you have a separate entertainment server, it can be shut down remotely. If the server supports the Wake On LAN feature, it can be powered up remotely.
• Playlists can be saved for later retrieval.
• Identical songs can be identified and deleted.
• The complete list of artists, albums, and songs can be printed.
• The Remote Control feature can be incorporated into third-party programs. The help file describes the syntax of all commands and explains how they can be sent to a DJ Jukebox server.
• Command line parameters can be used to generate and play playlists. This is especially useful for creating Desktop shortcuts.


* Added the "Generate From Decade" tool.
* Added the "Generate Appends" option to the Options menu. If checked, new playlists are inserted after the current playlist instead of overwriting it.
* Copy Songs: added an option to append the artist name to the filename.
* Table Filter: a history of past inputs is now available in a drop-down list.
* Wake On LAN: added the ability to specify a SecureOn password.
* Test Server: the name of each adapter is now reported, making it easier to find the appropriate one for Wake On LAN.
* Numerous interface improvements, especially regarding 4K monitors.
* Wake On LAN: added the ability to specify the destination port number.
* Enter Server Mode: if there is an error binding or listening on the socket, a retry will be performed every 5 seconds.
* The One Rating Column option is now checked by default. Most users probably prefer it this way.
* Song Table: Search and Replace: the changes are now also applied to the current playlist.
* Implemented a new and improved random number generator, which is used by many features. Also, the "Play Unrated Song" tool was not as random in its selection as it should be.
* Find Duplicate Songs: this now works properly with joined songs. Previously, it would delete the entire row. Now it only discards the duplicate song from the list of joined songs, keeping the row and the other joined songs.
* Find All Songs: the Browse tool now provides access to network shares.
* Copy Songs: past entries for the Target Location field will now be remembered in a drop-down list.
* Auto-Start Project: this dialog now has a field for selecting the project. Previously, it always used the currently open project.
* The "Detect MAC Addresses" and "Test Server" tools no longer report the useless Loopback interface.
* After toggling the Table Filter, focus will now go back to the Song Table.
* Append Selections To Stored Playlist: the last playlist chosen is now pre-selected.
* Play Fresh/Unrated: the selected song is no longer scrolled to the center if it is already visible.
* Project Properties: all fields now support unicode.
* The "Play Selections Increments Picks" option now defaults to checked.
* Added a "Help" option to the bottom of the Import menu.
* Added the "Clipboard Inspector" tool to the Interface menu.
* Fixed: when maximized, the window's border could possibly be visible on a secondary monitor.
* Fixed: possible window flicker on 4K monitors, or when many System-G windows are open, or when kernel memory becomes scarce.
* Fixed: minor bugs in the Edit Tags tool.
* Fixed: when dragging and dropping a folder on the Song Table, duplicate file detection was not working.
* Fixed: the "Lock Project" option was preventing backups from being made.
* Fixed: Restore Project Backup: an error would occur if you specified to copy the backup to a new, non-existing file.
* Fixed: Search and Replace: if the "Auto-Rename" option is enabled in both the project and the search dialog, and "Prompt on Replace" is enabled, an error was being reported that the file could not be renamed, even though it was.


Gammadyne DJ Jukebox 21.0

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Gammadyne DJ Jukebox 21.0

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