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cmiVFX - Cinema 4D Character Development Volume 1

cmiVFX - Cinema 4D Character Development Volume 1
English | Size: 3.5GB
Category: Tutorial

Finally, an all-in-one style series that truly delivers. After years of research, cmiVFX takes it back to the original formula for an Ultimate Learning Experience (cmiULE) like you have never seen before! Greg Kulz, a classic cmiMentor with extreme painting skills brings the power of Character Development to the C4D user base at large.

cmiVFX - Cinema 4D Character Development Volume 1

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This video is actually 6 videos in 1! Ranging from Modeling, Sculpting, Skinning, Rigging, UV, Texture Painting, Animation and even rendering! This time we focused on a lot of the the lessons based on the newer tools. Why did we do that? We have concluded the needs for each software manufacturers individually based on existing content and customer demand. This video exists because you want it to exist! Sure enough, that’s all it takes for us to make it for you. Existing customers of ours already know that we are not keen on wasting lots of time in our videos with hot air and rhetoric. We find that users require information fast and with the least amount of trouble. So our combination of video chaptering and user bookmarking makes the cmiVFX experience like no other. If your finally ready to get serious about learning, we can promise you satisfaction with both content and 24 hour support. Statistically, existing customers have already click the buy now button before even reading this far.

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cmiVFX - Cinema 4D Character Development Volume 1

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