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Complete Penetration Testing and Ethical hacking Bootcamp

Complete Penetration Testing and Ethical hacking Bootcamp
Complete Penetration Testing and Ethical hacking Bootcamp
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Complete Penetration Testing and Ethical hacking Bootcamp

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Attacks by Hackers are not a new story now days, you hear about it every other day. And the reason is obvious; no one bothers about security. Think about the last web development course that talks about SQL Injection or XSS attack. When you learn about Information security and that too at such a practical level, you can offer your skills to big and small companies get hired there or work as a free lancer. This penetration-testing course also talks about getting payment via BUG BOUNTIES too.

Every major company like Google, Apple, PayPal etc. have a security division which requires security experts like you, not even an official degree is required for it. All they ask for is your skills that this covers up. World require so many security professionals but we are not able to produce even the fractions of requirement.

This course is designed very carefully so that everyone can learn from it, even non-programmers. Also this course is very crisp in covering topics, this means we will not be wasting 3-4 hours just on installation or learning jargon terms.

Mac, Linux or Windows is not at all a problem. We only use tools that are cross platform. Our strategy is to take students from all operating system and merge them on same platform like Kali Linux and Parrot OS, so that it gives best learning experience.

We will introduce you to most advance topics in Pentesting as well as teach you that how you can learn by yourself, without reading any book or taking any course in future. Along with course, we will point you towards dedication and free resources that will make you subject expert.

Also we will install our custom vulnerable test beds and attack on them. This willwashes out the worry of legal issues. Also there are few challenges for you that will push you little hard to use your capabilities at the fullest.Jump in the course and Welcome to the world of Information Security, Penetration Testing, Ethical hacking and Bug Bounties

Important note: Support of windows XP is dropped by Microsoft, we have used it in few lectures. Regardless, you can either skip those couple lectures or just watch them, as concept goes same.

What are the requirements?
* A computer (MAC/Windows/Linux) any will work
* Basics of computer technology
* Virtual box - FREE (installation covered in the course)
* NO prerequisites for this course

What am I going to get from this course?
* By the end you will be able to understand all Information Security terminologies
* You will be able to install and use all pentesting tools, even the new ones too
* You will be able to hunt bugs and will be able to earn with them by reporting them
* You will be able to document the pentesting reports
* You will be able to defend your products and network from intrusion by Hackers

Who is the target audience?
* Individuals looking to earn via BUG BOUNTIES
* Students looking to expand their knowledge in IT security
* Become a paid penetration tester

Value: $200
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Complete Penetration Testing and Ethical hacking Bootcamp

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Free 300 GB with full DSL-Broadband Speed!

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