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Desktop apps with Angular, Firestore and Electron

Desktop apps with Angular, Firestore and Electron
Desktop apps with Angular, Firestore and Electron
$50 | Created by Raja yogan | Last updated 5/2018
Duration: 11.5 hours | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz, 2 Ch | 6.7 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | 58 Lectures

Desktop apps with Angular, Firestore and Electron

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Learn to build a complete app from scratch

What Will I Learn?
Problem solving ability
Ways to store, retrieve data using NoSQL databases (Firestore)
Write large applications from scratch

Basics of Angular

This course takes you on a developer journey where you'll be building a complete desktop application that runs on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) using your favorite Web Technologies.


Angular (By the time you read this, version 7 is probably out !!)
Electron framework for building desktop Apps.
Firebase (Firestore)
RxJS (Not that much)
Material 2
What you'll get

50 + videos on building the app step-by-step.
Great insight on problem-solving and applying thought into app building.
Ideas on No-SQL data modelling.
Link to the repo of the code. (Note that, this will be updated over time)
Link to download the actual app itself. (This again will improve as the codebase improves, and this would serve as a wonderful MVP, POC, college/school project)

Basic knowledge about Angular (Know what's a component, service etc.,)
Imagination (Lots of it)
Patience (Lots of it)
Who is the target audience?
Beginner Angular developers who want to take the plunge into writing real apps
Developers who are looking forward to learning how to model their data in a NoSQL database
Password -0daydown

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Desktop apps with Angular, Firestore and Electron

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